Monday, September 12, 2011

Fitted Bassinet Sheet Tutorial

Here is a quick and easy tutorial on how to make a fitted bassinet sheet for a Moses basket. The mattress I used was from a Moses basket from Nesting.
 I first Iron my fabric to get rid of all previous folds, it's easier to work with once it's flat too. I then use half a yard of fabric (about 50cm), lay the fabric wrong side up and place the mattress in the centre. I then make sure I have about 6.5 inches of fabric sitting around the mattress. This will give you enough fabric to double hem. Then measure out 6.5 inches from each corner and chalk a faint line to make a round edge, then cut each corner. You should then have an oval shaped sheet of fabric.
 Once cut, iron edging about 0.5 inch then sew all the way round. Then iron over your edging again, double edging makes your sheet look neater and truly finished, then sew again making sure you sew close to the inner edge so there is enough room for the elastic to go through. Do not sew all the way as you will need a gap to thread through the elastic.
 Once you have made a gap, thread through about 42 inches of elastic. I used 6mm elastic as it looks to bulky if you use anything thicker. Use a safety pin for threading and once it's threaded through sew the elastic together a few times, then stretch out the gap and sew the fabric to complete. Fit the sheet onto the mattress then stretch out the elastic to make it even all the way round.
 All done, how easy was that?
If you do have problems with this tutorial, let me know as I forgot to add a few photos.
My finished sheet and gift all packed to be sent.


Anonymous said...

This is cute! What type of fabric did you use?

House Of Lapin said...

Thanks, I use cotton as they seem to soften up nicely after a few washes...